Ozzy Begins North American Tour

[Photo Credit: Mark Weiss]

“The crazier you f****ers go, the longer we play!” Ozzy said to the concert crowd in Allentown, PA.

“No More Tours II” kicked off on Thursday night (8/30) to a crowd of about 10,000 fans.

Bone Bash XVIII will feature Ozzy Osbourne on Saturday, October 6th from Shoreline Amphitheater and already much more than 10,000 tickets have been sold. The bay area is ready to celebrate 50 Years of Ozzy and we at The Bone could not be more exited.

Below is the opening night set list and to read more go HERE

“Mr. Crowley”
“I Don’t Know”
“Fairies Wear Boots”
“Suicide Solution”
“No More Tears”
“Road to Nowhere”
“War Pigs”
Guitar medley: “Miracle Man”/”Crazy Babies”/”Desire”/”Perry Mason”
Drum solo
“I Don’t Want to Change the World”
“Shot in the Dark”
“Crazy Train”

“Mama, I’m Coming Home”



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