BLOG: Can Lane-Splitting Make Motorcycles More Popular?


I read a recent blog on a web site for a company who sells motorcycle-gear and found it very interesting. The topic wasn’t, as the cliche’ says, “close to home” but, rather, it was actually about home. Our home in California.

The author had taken a motorcycle riding trip through California and was able to experience the technique of lane-splitting. And although he supports the benefits of being able to do so, he expressed disappointment in how it didn’t transcend into more motorcycle riders. His main point is that California should have more registered riders as a result of legal lane-splitting and other obvious factors such as weather, traffic, gas costs, etc.

But while California does have more registered motorcycle riders than any other state it lacks a better ratio of motorcycle riders to cars and trucks than many. States such as Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Maine and others have a higher percentage of motorcycle riders compared to drivers of cars and trucks.

Why do you think there are not more motorcycle riders in California? Leave your thoughts below.

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