Watch David Blaine Perform A Card Trick For Baby Huey

All my life, I have been a huge fan of magic. When I was a little kid and even through my teenage years I would record any magic special on TV with my VCR on VHS tapes, do you remember VCRs and VHS tapes? When David Blaine’s first TV special on ABC premiered back in 1997 I was hooked. I was blown away at his style of magic. Keep in mine back in the 90s, magic TV specials had evolved into these over the top illusions, so David Blaine’s style of street magic was a fresh, new take on a craft I loved watching. Blaine’s original TV specials were stripped down, very simple and raw. Blaine would walk around from city to city with a camera man and would approach random strangers on the streets to perform elaborate card tricks and other amazing illusions.

In the 2000s David Blaine would move on to performing live stunts that would test his endurance from a physical and mental standpoint. David Blaine is my generations Harry Houdini. Needless to say when David Blaine dropped by our building I had to get a photo and autograph but he one upped me and performed a card trick in our hallway. Watch the video below to see No Name from our sister station KFOG and myself be entertained like we never have before. Thank you David Blaine for doing some magic in front of me, since I have been a fan of yours for over twenty years, it was a honor to meet you.

David Blaine will be performing at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland on Saturday, May 12th. Click here to purchase tickets.

Watch David Blaine perform a card trick for Baby Huey.




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