Myles Kennedy Live at Slim’s in San Francisco 05-05-18

Last Saturday night, Chasta, her Husband Jay and I went to Slim’s in San Francisco to see Myles Kennedy perform a solo show as apart of his Year Of The Tiger Tour. We all know Myles Kennedy from The Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge and most recently his work with Slash, but this year Myles has released a new solo album called “Year of the Tiger.” Chasta and I have been longtime fans of Myles and it’s safe to say he has one of the best voices in rock today. When Myles is either playing with Alter Bridge or with Slash, he is usually playing the biggest venues and festivals and around the world, so to see him perform an intimate show at Slim’s, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Going into the show, I didn’t know what to expect. Myles’ album “Year of the Tiger” is more acoustic/folk based and so when I heard he was going out on tour, I wasn’t sure if he was going to have a backing band with him. Our questions were answered when we got to Slim’s. We arrived a few minutes before Myles hit the stage, when he did it literally was just him and his guitar, a rare sight for everyone in the audience who are used to him with a full lineup of musicians. Myles began performing and it was him playing songs from his entire career on just his acoustic guitar. We got to hear songs from the new solo album, along with The Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge and Slash.

The vibe in the room was amazing. Slim’s was packed and everyone was standing singing along to every word. Myles even mentioned early in the set that he felt like he was performing in front of everyone in his living room. Slim’s is a great sized room but with Myles’ performance he was able to make the room feel even smaller and more intimate and engaging with the crowd. Myles’ performance felt like an episode of Storytellers, before every song he would tell a little story how the song came together or what it was about, he would also talk to members of the crowd and react to signs he saw fans holding up. I loved how during certain songs he would slightly laugh at the crowd, overall showing off how much fun he was having.

After the show Chasta, Jay and I went backstage to hang out with Myles. We had a deep conversation with him about the recent interview we had with him, we opened up about some personal stories from our families and how his new album relates to us. We all can’t thank Myles enough for the awesome show and giving us the time of the day. Watch the Facebook Live video to hear Chasta and me recap the night with Myles Kennedy.

Listen to Baby Huey and Chasta’s interview with Myles Kennedy below.

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