Myles Kennedy opens up about his new album, his Father’s death and working with Slash

Last month Myles Kennedy released his debut solo album “Year of the Tiger” and is going out on tour in support of his new record. Before Myles hits the road he called Baby Huey and Chasta to talk about how he originally wrote an album, scrapped it and started all over. The death of Myles’ Father is the central theme for his new album and he explained the events that led to his Father’s death. Myles also explained the writing process with Slash, how excited he is to be performing at this year’s Aftershock Festival, he found out that Chasta helped break his old band The Mayfield Four in Oklahoma City, his experience jamming with Led Zeppelin and what he loves about music.

Myles Kennedy will be performing at Slim’s in San Francisco on Saturday, May 5th. For tickets and more info go to:

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