Ted Nugent says ‘political correctness’ is keeping him from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ted Nugent has always been outspoken about his political views and “straight-edge” lifestyle, but said that “political correctness” is keeping him from being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Nugent spoke with Q103FM and was asked if he would accept an invitation to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and responded with a “hell yes” but cited that the “self-inflicted and embarrassing scourge” that is “political correctness” keeps him from the esteemed group. His theory as to why he isn’t in the group is because he believes Rolling Stone co-founder and publisher Jan Wenner “hates” the National Rifle Association, whom Nugent is on the board of directors.

I couldn’t be more proud of that, ’cause the NRA is the ultimate family, grassroots organization that fights for the right to defend ourselves. What kind of numb nut would be against that? And so I’m on the board of directors of the NRA, Jan Wenner hates the Second Amendment, so that’s the only reason I’m not in the Rock and Roll of Fame. And until they get their heads out of their ass, I’m more than happy to do what I do and do it with all the vim and vigor that I do it every night.

Despite his comments about Wenner, Nugent said he respects the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and all who have came before him and been inducted.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is paying tribute and homage to geniuses who gave us the ultimate soundtrack for our American Dream. I’m all in, man, I’m genuinely moved, and I’m glad there is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Though Nugent would gladly accept an induction into the group, he says he’s apart of what he calls the “We the People Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” after touring for about 50 years and playing over 6,000 shows.

Hey, write this down. My name is Ted Nugent. I am the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eat me!

Nugent is currently on tour and his next show is Saturday, August 12 at the Hoosier Park Racing and Casino in Anderson, Indiana.



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